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Terms Of Service


    All information provided by on this website serves as a guide for our customers. Based on our knowledge from years of experience in the carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning and repair industry.

    We might provide links to external websites. We are NOT responsible in any way for the privacy practices and content of other websites.

    Services Warranty

    Services provided in site will be Powered by Mr. Green Carpet Care Inc. And will performed in a professional manner.

    Near Me Carpet Cleaning provides you with a no-obligation quotation unless previously agreed otherwise.

    We at strive to provide our customers with the best carpet cleaning services, upholstery cleaning services, and rug cleaning and repair services.

    Still, we realize our operatives are human and mistakes can accrue. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the level of service you received, contact us within 24hours. And we will redo the service and\or refund your money. terms of use guarantee is applicable only if the problem was caused directly by our company or one of its representatives and that is reported within 24 hours. will not be liable for any damage, loss and\or expense suffered by the customer prior to or after the service given due to a pre-existing condition or damage.

    By visiting and\or using services you consent to the terms and policies as listed above.

    Prior Condition

    The customer is responsible to provide beforehand any information related to a prior condition or circumstances that may affect the carpet, rug, upholstery, or leather such as non-fast color dyes or repairs. 


    Carpet cleaning will be carried out to exposed spaces only, technicians will move light furniture only. Large items such as cabinets, televisions, bookcases, and heavy beds will not be moved by the technician. 

    We will not be responsible for any damage caused to goods and furniture in your home. Unless the damage was caused as a direct result of the negligence of one of its operatives.

    Not be liable for color run damages caused by non-fast color dyes that exist in the carpet.

    Not be liable for un-seaming due to prior poor conditions and repairs done to the carpet.


    We will not be liable for color run damages caused by nonfast color dyes that exist in the fibers.

    Not be liable for un-seaming due to prior poor conditions and repairs done to the upholstery.

    Cleaning is done only to the surface of the upholstered furniture and leather furniture and not to the filling.

    Coupons will not accept more than one coupon per job unless agreed otherwise.