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Will carpet cleaning get rid of urine smell ?

Yes. We have the experience and expertise. knowing what method and products to use in order to get rid of urine smell from mattresses, sofas, carpets and even the most delicate of area rugs.

Can carpet cleaning remove dog urine ?

Yes. Our pet urine removal services include hot water extraction. Pet stain and odor treatment. Complete wash, soak overnight and repair and restoration. We definitely be able to tailor our services and experience in order to get rid of dog, cat or human urine. From your carpet, rugs, sofa or a mattress.

Will carpet cleaning kill fleas ?

It depends. We usually offer two options when it comes to carpet cleaning. We can either do the cleaning on site or pick up a carpet for a complete wash. On site cleaning will help remove flees from the carpet. But we cannot guarantee a complete elimination of flees or moth. When we pick up a carpet for a complete wash we can do a lime wash. It will ensure flees, moth or larva eggs are completely removed. And then wash the carpet completely before delivering it back to you.

How much carpet cleaning costs ?

It depends. We offer a variety of carpet and rug cleaning services near you. From carpet cleaning service to area rug repair service and rug wash service. We clean most types of fibers from wool and cotton to silk. And we offer promotions regularly. In order to get a precise price quote for cleaning your carpets you can visit our Pricing Page. Or contact us, and we will provide you with a detailed price quote online or via phone.

What is steam carpet cleaning ?

When cleaning carpets and upholstery we use hot water extraction process. It's commonly known as the Deep Steam Cleaning or deep cleaning. We use hot water and mix it with a shampoo in order to get the best results.

Can carpet cleaning chemicals make you sick ?

Yes. That is why we at Near Me Carpet Cleaning use only the safest nontoxic cleaning products. Safe for our technicians, your family and your carpets and upholstered furniture.

Why carpet cleaning is important ?

Carpets that are dirty affect not only the way your home or office looks. But also the indoor air quality in the space. Carpets collect dust, dirt, allergens and other particles that will affect your breathing. This is especially important if you have kids. A regular carpet cleaning service will ensure your carpets are clean, sensitized and looking beautiful and soft to the touch.

How carpet cleaning works ?

First we need to know what type of carpet you need us to clean. Is it wall-to-wall carpet? Or how many rooms. Is it an area rug? If so, what is the size and type of fiber. In that case we also need to know what type of service you prefer, on site rug cleaning or off site rug cleaning. We than provide you with a price quote and schedule an appointment for your carpets to be cleaned.

Which carpet cleaning method is best ?

It depends. We offer a variety of carpet cleaning services. We will be able to provide you with the best carpet cleaning service that will work best for your carpet and needs. 

Which carpet cleaning solution is best ?

It depends on the carpet, it's condition and type. We at Near Me Carpet Cleaning Have years of experience in this field. We able to determine what products to use in order to get your carpet clean and soft without using any harmful chemicals.

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