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DIY Carpet Cleaning

Diy carpet cleaning

DIY Carpet Cleaning: Good or Bad Idea?

If cost is your ultimate concern, you may be tempted to turn any household chore into a DIY (Do It Yourself) project. While DIY projects sound like great ideas, sometimes it is better to leave some work to company professionals. Carpet cleaning is one of those tasks you should keep off if you don’t know what you are doing and here’s why;

A dirty carpet is a health hazard

There are scientific studies showing a clear link between dirty carpets and increased levels of indoor allergens and microorganisms associated with common health problems like asthma, irritative symptoms, and mild cognitive effects. There are higher levels of allergens like dust mites and mold reported in homes with carpets. [1] Unfortunately, conventional carpet cleaning won’t get rid of allergens and mold.

Do you have a HEPA vacuum cleaner?

You need specialized cleaning to get rid of the above health hazards. For instance, mold can’t be removed by a regular vacuum cleaner. You need a HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air vacuum cleaner that is capable of filtering out mold spores among other allergens and microscopic particles (larger than 0.3 microns). HEPA Vacuum cleaners have been scientifically tested and proven to get rid of the dust mites among other small allergens and disease-causing microorganisms.[2]

Vacuuming is hazardous

Even if you have a vacuum cleaner, you may be exposing yourself to more harm than good when cleaning your carpet. Vacuuming is dangerous to people who already suffer from respiratory problems or indoor allergies. Studies have shown that most vacuum cleaners actually release bacteria and dust back into the air. [3] In fact, the area being vacuumed usually has the highest concentration of airborne allergens and bacteria. Even if you wear a dust mask, you will still inhale allergens when you remove it unless you are vacuum cleaning with highly specialized equipment that doesn’t release dust and bacteria back.

You need the right carpet cleaners

There are very many carpet cleaners on sale today; however, most won’t get the job done. You need specific cleaners based on factors like the stains you need to remove as well as the type of carpet you have. Regular carpet cleaners can also disappoint if you don’t meet the recommended water temperature guidelines when cleaning. To choose the best carpet cleaner, you’ll also need to read your owner’s manual to the letter. If your carpet didn’t come with an owner’s manual, don’t try to invent one for obvious reasons.

DIY carpet cleaning isn’t cheap

DIY carpet cleaning contrary to popular opinion, you don’t save money in the long run by cleaning your own carpet. In fact, you end up spending more. Carpet cleaners aren’t cheap. You also need a highly specialized vacuum cleaner among other equipment like dust musks. Furthermore, carpet cleaning should be done alongside other cleaning methods like dry steam cleaning to get the best results.

Let’s not even consider the cost of falling sick when attempting to do your own cleaning. The hospital bill alone should make you think twice about doing your own carpet cleaning. Last but not least, professional carpet cleaning services are actually affordable if you choose a carpet cleaning service like that offers value for money.

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