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(COVID-19) Disinfectant / Sensitizing 

Organic carpet and upholstery cleanser to sanitize and disinfect your carpet, rugs and sofas killing harsh bacteria and flu viruses.

No harsh fumes, doesn’t cause irritation.

NYC Carpet Cleaners

Near Me Carpet Cleaning New York, offers home carpets, area rugs and upholstery cleaning service to all five boroughs of NYC. 

Our New York City carpet cleaners use our unique hot water extraction technique. Giving you the best results for your carpet cleaning needs. 

The services we offer are 100% safe, using only Eco-friendly detergents that won’t cause irritations. Ensures the quality of your carpet and will leave it clean rather than worn.

 Our NYC carpet cleaners are able to remove all stains, and even the strongest odors. 

We use deep steam cleaners that is safe for a wide array of different carpet fibers! For Residential & Commercial places 

NYC Rug Cleaners

 If you live in NYC, you want only the best New York City rug cleaners to handle your fine area rugs.

Our NYC rug cleaning teams offer the best rug cleaning services in your area. 

All types of rugs, including both synthetic rugs, wool, silk and oriental rugs. 

FREE Pick-up and delivery services so you won’t have to do the legwork when we clean your rug. What’s more, we

offer rug repair and restoration services such as patching, reweaving, color restoration, binding and more.

NYC Upholstery Cleaners

Finally, should you require our upholstery cleaning services? We will send our best New York City upholstery cleaners to your home to take care of the job. 

Like in carpet cleaning, we train our upholstery cleaners in New York to use only the safest detergents. To make sure that your upholstery receives both the best treatment and the safest cleaning you can get. 

We provide dust-mite treatment through our NYC upholstery cleaners to make sure that your newly cleaned upholstery iscompletely allergen and pests free. 

If you have any further questions in any way at all, feel free to call us today! 1 800 986-1533, and we’ll be happy to provide you a free quote or book you for an appointment. 

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Carpet Care


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Minimum 2 rooms/3 rooms

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Rug Care


Per SqFt
Rug Washing At Home 

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Upholstery Care


Per sofa
Sectional are $189

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