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Rescuing Your Carpet & Rug From Water Damage in New York

 Near Me Carpet Cleaning is proud to offer professional carpet cleaning water damage restoration and professional water damage rug repair & restoration services nearby, throughout NYC, New York. Nassau County, Westchester, NY & Rockland County NY.  

Ideally, carpets should not be wet. The only exception would be if it is being cleaned. Carpet Water Damage extraction is such a big deal because not all the time it is water that saturates the carpet, it might be toxic and difficult to remove. 

It not only prevents damage to the carpet but prevents possible harm to the people using the carpet.
Carpet restoration should be left to the professionals who have undergone training and know how to use special equipment in the field. 

One should only attempt to restore a carpet if he/she is sure that it is clean water that has drenched the carpet otherwise ask for professional help. A do-it-yourself carpet restoration might also act as a first aid to prevent further damage while leaving the rest to the experts.

The first step would be to extract the water. This should be done with the grain of the carpet as to not distort the fiber. Extracting the water as soon as possible will prevent the dye of the carpet from bleeding everywhere and destroying the design. If you must move your carpets, never pile them one on top of the other. Again, the dye will bleed onto the other carpet. Roll them up in towels separately. 

The best way to aid the drying of the carpets is to have fans near it. Never dry them in the sun because this will cause the colors to fade. Also, one should never hang and leave them to drip because the dye will run across the carpet and it is also a very inefficient way of drying.

In cases where one is not sure, if the water that has wet the carpet is clean or if it is water at all, it is important to call the professionals immediately. Rug restoration is considered an emergency because of its possible implications. Professionals classify the damage in three categories.
Category 1 means that clean water has drenched the carpet.
Category 2 addresses dirty water saturation that may have the potential to cause sickness.
Category 3 deals with toxic liquids and is rare but very dangerous.
After categorizing, they then survey the class of the damage, which measures the level of saturation and how long it would take to extract the water and dry it. By doing this, they know which methods or equipment to use.

Aside from restoring the carpets, experts also look at the material underneath the carpet or those that are near it – concrete walls, hardwood floors. The liquid that has drenched the carpet may have seeped through them, and it is harder to extract the liquid and dry them than with the carpets. They also watch out for possible mold formation that may also cause harm.

As such, it is not advisable to attempt restoration on one’s own because there are a lot of factors involved that one may not be able to address because of the lack of training or specialized equipment. These things may put our health at risk and cause us harm. 

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