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Best Commercial Carpet Cleaners Near You

(COVID-19) Disinfectant / Sensitizing 

Organic carpet and upholstery cleanser to sanitize and disinfect your carpet, rugs and sofas killing harsh bacteria and flu viruses.

No harsh fumes, doesn’t cause irritation.

Near Me Carpet Cleaning is proud to offer commercial carpet, rugs or furniture cleaning service nearby. Throughout NYC.

Best Carpet Cleaners in New York City  

Regular cleaning sessions using commercial carpet cleaning company are a must! If you want to ensure a healthy, hygienic, beautiful looking environment. For both your clients and employees.

Why Choosing Professional Service Company

When it comes to choosing a commercial cleaning company that will do the job for you, stick to pros! Who have gathered massive experience in the field and have a good reputation in the business.

Cleaning your commercial space will not only help you maintain a beautiful and healthy workplace! But also keep your carpeting and furnishing from incurring irreparable damage.

Our Commercial Carpet, Rugs & Upholstery Cleaning Services

PRE Spray \ Heavy Traffic Area Treatment.
Deep Steam Cleaning.
Spots and Stains Removal (Pet Urine, Oil. Wine and more).
Odor Removal.
Disinfection and Deodorize.
Scotch guard! Carpet and Fabric Protector.

Three Main Commercial Cleaning Services:

Monthly/Yearly Cleaning: include services that minimize the damage done by normal situations. Like dust and dirt build-ups.

Preventive Cleaning: uses protective products such as Scotch Guard that coats the carpeting and furniture. And prevents it from experiencing the common types of damage.

Restorative Cleaning: Done on areas that need minor or major cleaning and repairs! Such as stain removal. And odor removal. We clean offices. And showrooms. sports studios. Hotels. Restaurants. Schools. Medical centers. And more.

Carpet and rug cleaning stain removal service. Furniture like chairs and sofas cleaning. And stain removal service. Leather cleaning service. Odor removal, deodorize, scotch guard. And more. throughout Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island, New York, NY.

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