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We at Near Me Carpet Cleaning offer you the best wall to wall carpet cleaning services, area rug cleaning services and upholstery cleaning services in all of New York. We make sure that our Bronx carpet cleaners are professional Bronx rug cleaners and even Bronx upholstery cleaners to be as flexible as possible in all our services. As a result of this, our Bronx carpet cleaners are able to take care of practically all your home cleaning needs. 

Our Bronx carpet cleaners have been trained to use our hot water extraction tools to offer you top-notch cleaning services. We're proud to declare that our Bronx carpet cleaners use only safe detergents that won't cause irritations, are 100% non toxic, and totally Eco friendly. These detergents, due to their nature, leave very little residue and also won't wear down the carpets fibers the way that harsher chemical detergents tend to do. It doesn't matter what kind of stain it is, how strong the odor is, or how dusty your carpet has become, our Bronx carpet cleaners will get the job done and leave your carpet both clean and fresh.

Our clients have constantly reported excellent results from our professional Bronx rug cleaners and other area rug cleaning services we offer such as rug repair and restoration. We also offer you free pick-up and delivery services.

We also have our Bronx upholstery cleaners on standby, ready to go if you should need their services. Our Bronx upholstery cleaners are specifically instructed to provide our clients with the same cleaning detergents as those used for our carpet cleaning services. 

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